Y.B.W.R. Program

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Thank you for your interest in this program, 


You Buy We Raise (YBWR) program is designed to help people who want quality small farm raised and steroid free pork but don't have the time, space or desire to raise them.


The Cost: 


  The total cost to you is $500.00 plus the cut, cure and wrap fees. 

  The cut, cure and wrap fee's very depending on where you want it done.

   You should expect to pay $0.75 a lb for cut and wrap and $1.00 a lb for     bacon or ham. Sausage is included in the cut and wrap price.


 Example:     250lb Hog can yield approximately 170lb to 190lb 

YBWR--------------------                                                               $ 500.00

Bacon--------------------- approximately   20lb    $1.00 lb              $   20.00

Hams---------------------  approximately   30lb    $1.00 lb              $   30.00

Verity of cuts,  Wrap and sausage   130lb   $ 0.75 lb                $  97.50

                                                                 Approximate Total:    $647.50

That's about $3.60 lb for quality pork free of antibiotics & growth hormones.


How to start your YBWR program:


1. You can come out and pick your pig and we tag it, you are welcome to           come see it any time.

2. You pay $100.00 non-refundable deposit. NOTE: If you already           reserved  your weaner you have already paid your deposit.


    Optional Payment Plan:

    We also offer a payment schedule as fallows:


                     Reservation prior to farrowing      FREE

                       2  weeks old                            $ 100.00

                       8  Weeks old                           $  0.00

                     12 Weeks old                            $  75.00

                     16 Weeks old                            $  75.00

                     20 Weeks old                            $  75.00

                     24 Weeks old                            $175.00



3. In approximately 20 to 26 weeks your pig should be at least 250lb to 300lb Note: all pigs are different and some can take a little longer.

    we will call you a couple weeks prior to slaughter and give you a date        that we will send you pig to buxtons.


4. We take our pork to Mayers in Vancouver, 


Call us with any questions 855-247-6698 or Email at the bottom of this page