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  Thank you for visiting our site, we are very proud of our Heelers and the joy they bring us. It is for that reason we want share that joy and love with others, we take pride in the care and health of our dogs. 

   We vaccinate and worm regularly as well as work them daily as to keep them in good condition, our dog's wok the farm mostly the cows. As anyone knows who currently has or has had a heeler in the past, they will pretty much work or herd about anything. This an instinctive trait but also can be corrected if you're wanting a family dog that isn't working cows. Heelers have several characteristic's that make them outstanding farm dogs. But they make outstanding family dogs and offer things other breeds don't.

   They are fiercely loyal and very protective of their human family, this can be sometimes a little to protective but it to can be easily corrected.

    Heelers are very smart and can quickly learn almost anything you teach them. They need to be active and get lots of attention, they want to be with you all the time. It is important to understand that doesn't mean they can't be left at home while you work, we have found that they will do fine for hours in a day by themselves and particularly if they have a buddy like anther dog or even a cat. as long as if when you return to them you give them all the attention they want. 

     What we most want for our pups is that they get the right family and that above all they are loved and well cared for. We want you to experience all that a Heeler can offer you and we want them to have the best life possible. It is our belief that "Heeler " represents more than the name implies in their physical ability but that it also reflects their ability to "heal" the soul, nothing can compare to the love you receive from a Heeler.     

Our farm dog's


Dakota       Mom


Doolittle Lynn          Dad

current litter 

DOB March 17, 2024

This current litter of puppies are from Dakota and Doolittle. We are asking $400 cash or $450 Card for females and males.
We give the first shot and deworming. Call or text 503-997-0980 or email message below


Past litters

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